Silent Potential


Hello Everyone!

Just want to catch you up on all the exciting things happening with Barry & Joan. Our director, Audrey Rumsby, is meeting with sales agents and distributors in London right now. With the film submitted to 12 festivals worldwide, we can't wait to see where the premiere will be! We love hearing your thoughts on documentary festivals and perfect audiences for Barry & Joan. Keep ‘em coming!

Monday was International Commedia dell’Arte Day, and Barry Grantham and Bill Tuck celebrated with a screening of some of their favorite pieces of film that reference Commedia.


From Audrey:

I’d like to take a moment to mention one of the most important themes of the film–the connection between Commedia dell’Arte and our modern world.

What’s the point of talking about Commedia now? Why on earth is this relevant to any of us?

Commedia is the language of comedy. When you watch Disney cartoons, you’re watching it being spoken. As performers, pop culture is at the heart of our existence, and Commedia is the root.

I’ll get into this in more detail in the coming weeks, but let me leave you with a brilliant little thought from Barry, in my own words: (click to play video)

It’s a huge misconception that Commedia is antiquated or irrelevant. Nope. We might as well say the same about American history. It is just what came first–and we can learn so much from it! So seize this tremendous opportunity to meet two Commedia masters–Barry and Joan Grantham.


More exciting news (and movement tips and tricks) are on the way!

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Audrey and the Barry & Joan team xo

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